Clothing Care

♥ The easiest sustainable choice is to take care of what we already own. Washing with care, mending damage, and keeping items in proper storage is one enormous step you can take toward a more satisfying relationship with your clothing! Join us in the journey to grow together with your clothing and protect our planet. ♥ 


Care Page

How do I wash my hijulez item?

In order to maintain the quality and colour of your hijulez items, we recommend washing all garments on a gentle cycle, or by hand, using cold water. If there is a stain or a certain spot you want to target, spot clean it with a small dab of soda water instead of washing the whole garment! Avoid using the dryer and lay your item flat to dry this helps preserve the fabric and will keep your item looking fresh for longer. Try and use plant-based laundry detergent if it’s available to you, for better results.

It’s been a while, and my item doesn’t look the way that it used to! What happened?

Natural dyes are amazing. They have a lifespan of their own, as they are made from nature. With time, your item may evolve in colour. At hijulez, we love this exciting process as it teaches us about how everything living breathes and changes. If, for some reason you are not happy with the evolution of your item, we are more than happy to re-dye it.

Can I get my item redyed or resewn?

Absolutely! You can send your item(s) back to hijulez in Vancouver, and Julie will re-dye it for you at no extra cost. Through this guaranteed re-dyeing program, we promise to refresh your item so you can continue to wear it for years to come. This extends the item’s lifecycle with no extra damage to the environment. 

I washed my item and the colour began to fade… is this normal?

Yes, absolutely! Each item is pre-washed to ensure quality and colour fastness, however, some pieces may bleed colour during a wash. To maintain your item for the long term, ensure that you wash with cold water, not hot water, as hot water can be too strong for the item. Wash by hand, in cold water, with a small amount of soda water or mild soap (plant-based soap is effective), then lay flat to dry.