Markets in Florence, Italy!

Markets in Florence, Italy!

Markets are by far my favourite place to find vintage in Florence. You get a wonderful mix of high quality statement pieces and then stands of thrifted finds. With patience, one can find some seriously exciting pieces.

I planned my trip around the market at Piazza dei Ciompi. It is a market held only on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Beautiful square of Piazza dei Ciompi. The market used to be held in this square but is now held in a covered area 2 blocks over.

Inside an antique furniture and housewares store

The small stores that are open until from 8:00 am until about 1:30 pm are filled with treasures. From trinkets to precious antiques to vintage comic books, 1700's royal dresses and vintage clothing, being inside is truly a rich sensory experience.

Outdoor stand selling antique jewellery

Display outside a vintage shop

Now, I want to show you Santo Spirito! It is a glorious piazza that is about a 5-minute walk from my apartment back when I lived in Florence. It is home to a very unique church, wonderful cafes, Tuscan restaurants and the nightlife of all of nightlife! During the week there are rotating vendors who sell just about everything, and on the 3rd Sunday of every month, there is a large vintage market. Unfortunately, I wasn't there for the 3rd Sunday, however, on Mondays, a really wonderful array of vintage vendors pop up, and I was able to find some neat pieces.

Santo Spirito on a sunny day

Flowers and fruit for sale add a lovely atmosphere :)

Shirts folded neatly for sale on outdoor tables


Plants and flowerpots


Nearby, at Piazza del Carmine, there is a weekly market on Saturdays. This one is a bit more eclectic, from locals selling things they no longer need, to fine leather crafts. You never really know what you will find!

Busy Saturday at Piazza del Carmine


Lovely shopping here

I am now home from my trip to Italy with 35 beautiful pieces of clothing to play with and I'm absolutely thrilled with my finds :)

I went to a mix of markets and stores and had an absolute blast finding an array of differently-sized clothing to bring home to Vancouver!

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