Growing Awareness Collection.

Growing Awareness Collection.

About the Growing Awareness Collection:

To 2020. Let’s celebrate love, resilience, compassion, and positive change.

Through the upheavals of this crazy year, we’ve learned so much about living compassionately. We’ve seen our community grow and respond to important issues. We know individuals who have risen through heartbreak, grief, and fear. You have given us so much courage. Thank you. 

Hi loves,

This collection is inspired by my experience in 2020. Over the course of the year, I have seen people in my community learn about important issues and grow as individuals as a result. To celebrate these experiences and that work that goes into making changes, I have created the Growing Awareness collection.



In the process of making this collection, there were so many things that turned out wrong. Fully black, weird colours, the wrong silhouette, or the wrong size. But because I had a deadline, and I just kept going. 

In the end, things turned out!!!


I had a day before the photoshoot where I was really worried it wouldn't work out. I just thought about what it would be like if it wasn't able to be completed, and I kept working on it. 


One thing about hijulez that makes it meaningful is that you can see the progress on every product. Nothing in the product hides the work that went into making it. It's what makes it fun. It's small, but we can do what we want and stay authentic to what matters. 

When I look at plants and trees in my garden, I think about how resilient they are. Just like we are. Have you ever seen a new tree grow out of a dead trunk, or seen a plant growing sideways off the edge of a cliff just to reach sunlight? We are just like that. 

We can grow and be flexible through any kind of chance. Even though it is painful. There's always a way to survive and thrive!

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