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Who is she? Meet Orchid!

by Julie Roussy Newton |

Orchid is the wordsmith for some of Julie's projects. She loves finding the way to say things that people find intimidating to express. Learn more about her at


Orchid wearing a hijulez Tiger Tiger thrifted jean jacket in LA


1. Orchid, if you were a snack food, what type would you be and why?

The kind of snack food that I am is... chocolate almonds. First, there's enough for everybody. Next, it's soft on the outside, and kinda hard and crispy on the inside. Mmmmmm, yeah.

2. What do you do? What's your passion?

I love interviewing people. It's like people watching- but even more intense. My passion is the art and science behind expressing ideas. I think journalists are heroes. I also love ballet. I did it until I was 13 and it really grounded me.

3. What was it like being named after a flower?

A lot of people actually can't pronounce it.

I've been called: "Orchard", "Oki", "O-chit", "Morgan", and more. A lot of the time, though, I receive compliments when I buy coffee. Strangers start smiling for no good reason other than the fact that my dad named me Orchid (after a direct translation from 蘭 "Lan", one of the characters in my Chinese name, which means Orchid).

I used to hate it, because it felt like a lot of responsibility to have a unique name. Now, I really appreciate that my dad put so much thought and time into naming me, and my sisters.


4. What do you think the world needs more of?

I think the world is missing... tradition. We seem to have lost a lot of tradition, with all the rapid changes brought by technology. I am actually really into technology and systems. Not holding out on what the world has to offer right now. But I do feel like when we know where we come from, we are actually creating a better future, too.

5. Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? Why do you love it? Where did it come from?


My favorite clothes are wrap dresses. I love summer, and kinda hate layering. So I love their freedom and elegance. I also have a secret stash of clothes I've pilfered from the women who preceded memy aunt, my grandma, my mom. And I take them out and wear them sometimes, because I want to feel what it was like when those types of fabrics were in fashion. They're so much more modest, but also sometimes daring. My mom wore 2-piece dresses with swooshy skirts. Wrap dresses are just like that.



5. What is something you're hopeful about?

I hope that people will find love and be very, very happy. Love looks past all the shallow stuff. 

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