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Flame Trackies (Large)

Flame Trackies (Large)

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A laid back version of our coveted flame pants! The flame trackies are my favourite way to look stylishly put together whilst feeling like I’m in pj’s. The 100% cotton track pants are dyed with indigo and have our flame appliqué quilted onto them, the denim flame frays slightly with washing making for a deliciously textured pant. Like all of our hijulez products, the flame trackies come with free re-dyeing. If you need them dyed again in the future, give us a shout!

These track pants are the last of the sweat fabric we have in this colour, hopefully soon we will be able to find more recycled cotton fleece and offer them in a wider variety of sizes and flame colours!

These pants are size large, measurements: 32" relaxed waist - 38" stretched, 42" in length.

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