About Us

Through Artisanal Embroidery and Textile Design, Hijulez approaches creating pieces with the intention of capturing the essence of the female spirit.

At its foundation, Hijulez has been conceived by its creators to celebrate and empower all physical form and to design in a way that instills the feeling of self love. Ethically made and environmentally friendly. Designed and produced in Vancouver, Hijulez pieces are produced made to order.

Designer - Julie Newton

Designer, Julie Newton, originally self taught, is highly specialized in the art of embroidery. Having spent time enriching her knowledge and skill at Maison Lesage - Embroiderers of Chanel’s Metiers d’Art Ready To Wear - in Paris, she now studies Fashion Design in Florence, Italy. Channeling her passion at world renowned Fashion Institute, Polimoda. Julie’s passion extends to a range of artistic mediums, with a love for the crafts of painting, watercolour painting, button making, sketching, and film photography.

Placing her love into creation of art, this is when Julie feels most herself. Channeling an energy into her designs that is meant to be felt when each one is worn. An energy that recalls the essence of a quintessential Summer’s day.

Whether it be the inside and surroundings of her Cabin in Vancouver, BC, or the city of Florence, Jules is inspired by what lays and lives in her environment. The animated and the inanimate. Objects, nature, emotions, and people. This is certainly felt in her design.